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irs taxes 6, 2021, 12:08 pm Join AFP's 100,000+ followers on Facebook Subscribe to AFP podcasts on iTunes and Spotify News, press releases, letters to the editor: Advertising inquiries: Many workers in America have unpaid debt, accumulating after numerous years of having one overdue payment or built-up medical bills that never seem to go away. Many people fall into debt because they might not realize how much they owe, and their “debt hole” keeps growing bigger and bigger. In 2018 alone, the Internal Revenue Services seized the property of over 275,000 citizens. This shows that ignoring debt is dangerous, detrimental to your wealth, and can cause long-term consequences. Fortunately, relief companies help individuals resolve any unpaid debt. These helpful companies use programs given by the IRS to help eliminate your debt, giving you peace of mind and solving your financial crisis. Taxpayers in the United States need to know the best tax relief companies to help with tax resolution services to pay off any unpaid debt and resolve their sticky financial situation. This company offers payment plans, tax problems in payroll solutions, IRS tax returns , IRS collections, and other tax resolution services to help those in debt. The benefits of using this company include the wide range of tax resolution services and easy to use the website. The only cons of using this service are the lack of transparency about pricing. The Tax Defense Network offers tax resolution services, such as representation during an audit, tax relief services, tax preparation services, and assistance with state or federal taxes. The pros of using Tax Defense Network are the flat-rate pricing for transparency, full tax preparation, audit defense, and reputability with over 20 years in the service of helping with tax debt. The only con of using this company is they only work with customers who owe over $10,000 in tax debt to the IRS. Community Tax is highly-rated on various websites, focusing on tax preparation, providing tax attorneys, installment agreements, and innocent spouse relief. The pros of using this company include flat-rate pricing, business tax services for small companies, and a great reputation with over 10 years of service. The cons of using this company include the lack of transparency with prices and the $10,000 minimum tax debt required to be taken on as a client. The pros of using Optima include tax relief protection services, tax resolution services, low pricing at just $495, and the online experience and user-friendliness. The cons of using these tax resolution services are the high price at around $4,000 and the inclusion of customers who only have over $10,000 in debt. Anthem helps customers with as little as $7,500 in debt and quickly settles cases by using their tax resolution services. The only con of using this business is the lack of customer reliability and trustworthiness from online ratings.

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