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Our use of computers and smartphones has grown tremendously in recent years. It’s hard to even imagine what life would be like nowadays without these devices (which are used not just for communication and enjoyment, but also have important economic roles). But this has come at a cost. It’s not just the materials we use to create these devices, but also the electricity that these devices use. This figure has grown more and more, up to the point where data centers are being built near lakes and rivers to help cool them down. Around 10% of the global use of electricity goes to electronic communications, researchers say, and that figure is only expected to grow. “The digital communications infrastructure that supports the Information Age that we live in today currently uses approximately 10% of the global electricity. Studies suggest that in the worst-case scenario, if there is no fundamental change in the underlying technology of our communications infrastructure such as the computing hardware in large data centers or the electronics that drive the communication networks, we may see its electricity usage rise to over 50% of the global electricity by 2030,” says Christopher Ayala, an associate professor at Yokohama National University, and lead author of the study. To tackle this issue, a team of researchers set out to design an extremely efficient structure with the additional resources dazzling name of adiabatic quantum-flux-parametron (AQFP). In thermodynamics, something is “adiabatic” if it occurs without transferring heat or mass to the surroundings. A quantum-flux-parametron is essentially a digital logic system based on superconductivity. Armed with this efficient AQFP, the team used it as a building block for low-power high-performance microprocessors, demonstrating their new processor in a new paper. It’s 80 times more efficient and scalable, the team explains. “These demonstrations show that AQFP logic is capable of both processing and memory operations and that we have a path toward practical adiabatic computing operating at high-clock rates while dissipating very little energy,” the study authors write. The demonstration shows that the AQFP is capable of “all aspects of computing”, Ayala explains — namely data processing and data storage. It can be clocked up to 2.5 GHz, making it comparable to today’s existing technologies.

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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Jireh Semiconductor: Small Hillsboro factory makes analog chips for power management. Microchip: Employs a few hundred at Gresham factory making chips that serve niche roles in industrial and communications applications. ON Semiconductor: Employs several hundred in Gresham making analog chips for automotive, industrial, medical and defense products. Qorvo: Employs around 1,000 making specialized communications chips for iPhones and other smartphones, the defense industry and telecommunications networking gear. TSMC: Operates WaferTech factory in Camas that uses older, 200-millimeter silicon wafer technology. The factory, built in 1998, original site sits on 260 acres that could accommodate several more factories. Additionally, Lam Research, SEH America and Siltronic employ thousands near Portland manufacturing supplies and equipment for local chip manufacturers. Other industry suppliers, among them ASML and Applied Materials, have a large presence near Portland providing services to the manufacturers. Intel is Oregon’s largest corporate employer, with close to 21,000 people working at its Washington County campuses. Its workforce has grown steadily over the past few decades, adding 400 employees already this year. Though based in Silicon Valley, Intel’s largest and most advanced operations are in Washington County. That’s where Intel develops each new generation of microprocessor, exporting a manufacturing process developed in Hillsboro to high-volume fabs in Arizona, Israel and Ireland. Intel plans to wrap up its D1X expansion early next year, and on Wednesday new CEO Pat Gelsinger said he anticipates Intel will expand its Oregon manufacturing capacity again after a few years. That means millions of dollars in new investment and hundreds, or thousands, of new jobs. While Intel has steadily expanded, though, the state’s chip industry has plateaued overall. The sector employs roughly the same number of Oregonians as it did in 2002. The stagnation in Oregon’s chip industry parallels a similar phenomenon nationwide. Few companies have built new fabs anywhere in the country over the past two decades, while construction has soared overseas – particularly in Asia. That’s partly a result of semiconductor manufacturing following the electronics supply chain, which began shifting overseas in the 1980s to capitalize on low labor costs. Unlike most manufacturing, labor is a small component of the cost of making computer chips. The manufacturing tools represent the major expense.